Self-Wash $12

Self-Wash Tubs

$12 Includes everything, Our Self-Wash tubs have the Hydrosurge system that mixes the shampoo with the water. We offer 4 high quality shampoos through the system; we can also supply other types of shampoos to meet your needs as well as conditioner. There is no time limit and we do the clean-up. Self-wash is a first come service no appointment needed. The Self-Wash also includes:

  • As many towels as needed
  • Zoom Groom scrubber
  • Professional Dryers
  • Ear Cleaner
  • Cotton and/or swabs
  • Aprons to help keep you dry
  • Brushes and combs
  • The Stuff, leave in conditioner
  • Cologne
  • Bandanas on request

The HydroSurge 5.1 is a revolutionary way of bathing animals. Exclusive InjectAir Technology fuses a constant supply of fresh water, shampoo and air through a specialized Venturi, producing a sudsing, combing action spray.

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